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Houdini's Chandelier

(hanging by your toes may not be safe!)

11 June
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this must be going somewhere...

nom de plume
turns out i did the whole lj thing backwards - my first journal (visualthinker11) was a journal for graphics. so this will be my "everything else" journal - expect fandom-y metas, memes, reviews, fanfic, and a lot more.

of the moment
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behind it all
i am: a recent college graduate. enthusiastic. a writer. curious. talkative. squee-prone. a reader (but not nearly often enough!). musical theatre junkie. musical theatre history junkie. friendly. resourceful. tv-centric. ogler of shiny things. literary. GIMP (free photoshop) friendly. creative. more things she can't think of.

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this is a fanfic humor series i have written
with shah_of_blah- imagine what the
buffy characters would write diary entries about
during season 3, then make it more ridiculous.

that's our fanfic.

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